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Lakme Salon | Social Media Brand Consulting, Facebook & Instagram Ads

When Lakme Salon from Pune approached us, they already spent a big six figure budget (yes! you heard it right...a huge 6 figure budget!) and that too within 1-2 months on online ads which brought them only couple of low ticket customers and close to no reach online, and yes obviously all budget gone wasted with no goal achieved.

After having a valuable social media brand consulting session with the owner of the franchise we come to know that this thing happened, because there was no goals/plans decided/created before starting social media campaigns or any online ads, which eventually resulted in huge loss of ad budget. Also we found one thing from consulting session that as salon was very new in area they were only wanted to reach people around the area.

Now it was time to take action! By listing down the all things client wanted to achieve we created an effective plan with strategy to go on social media again, but this time more wisely and according to plan. First we revamped salon's complete social media presence. Then we started to add content while simultaneously running Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads as per strategy.

And yes! It worked out! At very initial stage and in only few thousands of ads budget we able to reach close to 100,000 targeted audience and targeted peoples' footfall in less than a week.

Regulus Agro Organic Hub | e-Commerce Website, Product Packaging Designs

Regulus Agro-Organic, a Mumbai, India based company which manufactures completely organic, chemical free and yet healthy food products that enter the market after going through thorough testing in their own R&D department. When they approached us they were looking for someone who can convey there brand and its message to their targeted audience.

Like always after valuable discussion we gone through all their previously created online entities and old food packaging designs which was mainly their first priority. We found that it needs a total makeover because all the branding, packaging design and the website they had was not conveying the importance of the nutrition rich food products they were working on and manufacturing.

After studying few important things and working on owners thoughts we first started to work on packaging designs of food products they need to work out on priority. And yes we did it! You can see that below. Also we made some more beautiful & attractive food packaging designs for their other food items which loved it by their team too.

And now the time was to work on main task, the revamping of old website and converting it into an e-Commerce website or an online e-Commerce store. And yes we succeeded into this task also! By starting a consulting call on Zoom with the owner and strategically creating a robust project plan and working on it step by step, today we built RegulusHub.com, a branded e-Commerce website or an online e-Commerce store for Regulus Agro-Organic and its audience which can now easily enjoy their food products and owner can enjoy profits.

Diligence Tech | Content Creation, Social Media & Website Design

Diligence Tech is an IoT (Internet of Things) company which also provides embedded product engineering solutions, device lifecycle management services and cloud framework solutions. After having a valuable initial consulting session with them we come to know that an already established company needs a proper makeover online with a good branding. The project was small but we decided to give our 100% like always!

When our team started web design and development work process, we found that the previous old website was not secured and had been ignored for nearly four years, it was flooded with a loads of spam content. We make the owners of company aware of these serious issues first and at this point the best way for us was to remove every spam data and secure the site. Our team removed every kind of spam data and also reset the server and started to build the website which company needs. Parallelly we started to work on social media and content creation and presented them a totally revamped version of Diligence Tech on Facebook and Instagram which they liked it.

NetaG App | Social Media Consulting, Content Creation & App Promotion

NetaG App was built by Krushnaal Pai, a start-up entrepreneur. It's a location based smartphone app that connects you with politicians and government officials to get your civic issues resolved as well as to help you share your views openly.

Goal was creating awareness + maximum app downloads to solve issues. And yes we did it right! Starting with social media platform to building a strategy till getting maximum downloads by executing plan, we helped them reaching their target audience online.

And with client's further efforts it also reached to the next level. NetaG App selected in Top 10 Start-ups in NASSCOM India Leadership Forum in association with CNBCTV18, Facebook and 10000 Startups. #WeLoveToCelebrate #ClientsSuccess

Asha Properties | Organic Leads, Google My Business Works & Website Design

When we started to work with Asha Properties, a real estate company, there was no online presence. We created a step by step plan to establish an 8+ years old organization as a trusted brand online. And we succeeded in starting from zero and setting up online presence and running social media accounts with a good flow of organic leads.

Also with a properly built professional website by us and a proper setup from scratch and optimized Google My Business listing helped this real estate company to get more and more new viewers and visitors which converted into a paying customers.

Bhagyalikhit Astro | Social Media, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads

Marriage, career, job, business, children, and wealth are the most important topics of everyone's life. Every person in life is struggling to get these things. Some get tremendous success, while some have to face many disasters in this, and the honest efforts to accurately guide them in these difficulties are done by Bhagyalikhit.

When we meet the founder of Bhagyalikhit Mr. Sachin Khutwad sir, he was searching for someone who can create and manage social media ads for them. And here we are till today from last 3+ years successfully running Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads and generating a best revenue with profits in business.

Vinirmati Design Studio | Social Media, Content Creation, Website Development

Vinirmati Design Studio is a Mumbai-based interior design and consulting studio which provides commercial, residential, workplace, and hospitality interior design services. The website of company which was live online was very outdated and was showing absolutely no expertise, no brand value and no message they wanted to convey to their existing and potential customers. Also social media presence was lacking somewhere.

We started with a good background check of company and their active team and provided them a solution crafted by our web developers which was a premium theme website reflecting company's brand, brand colors, their message, and most importantly what they do, what they provide and their work portfolio which was needed to showcase in front of their potential customers.

Also after valuable consulting sessions on social media marketing we revamped Vinirmati's social media presence first and created new content with right copywriting. The branded and valuable posts which generates trust and social media videos which attracts people and gets more viewers which can turn into potential customers in future. And by the time you are reading this we are working on social media ads to generate leads for Vinirmati interior design studio.

KtoK Carnival | Digital Media Partner, Social Media Marketing, Event Promotion

Shri Swami Samarth Group of Companies approached us, with their 1st ever idea of exhibiting a commercial food, art, music carnival, on 7th March, 2019. And there was only blueprint/design plan was ready of the selected event location. Event Carnival Dates were : 30th & 31st March, 2019. After couple of valuable meetings/discussions with their a very humble founders team our work started on 9th March, 2019 with whole strategy, planning and action plans ready for the next 20 days!

Our step by step strategies, action plans and consulting sessions worked out very well. Starting from the scratch, creating Facebook, Instagram Pages, and Landing Pages + creating Engaging Content, till the last day of online promotion and before event carnival dates, everything worked very well. Below are the actual results, real numbers about how we have performed. Event carnival reached to almost 3,25,000 targeted audience in 20 days!

REAL RESULTS : With digital marketing promotions and efforts of hardworking founders of Shree Swami Samartha Group more than 80% stalls got booked + Targeted audience visited the carnival, spent money whole 2 days, purchased whatever they liked, did shopping, enjoyed the food and entertainment shows! Success!! 🙂

More & More Online Branding, Content Creation & Digital Media Works

Since 2016 starting from zero we helped a good number of people from various sectors of businesses and professions in the market. From creating pieces of graphics to complete brand makeover, from creating content or copywriting to complete web design and development whether its a professional website or an e-Commerce store, and from building a robust digital marketing strategy to creating action plans and executing them, Dezire Wingz team helped clients to go one level up in businesses. And yes for sure we are going to keep it doing the work we love and help more and more people like you to achieve your goals.

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